"Employers' Education on the Employment of Adults with Down Syndrome"

is a GRUNDTVIG Partnership Project which aims at creating educational material for employers about the employment of adults with Down syndrome. The project is funded by the European Union Life Long Learning Program 2010/2012.

The Partnership consists of 5 organisations representing Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Romania and Turkey.

Project Objective: To develop an educational set consisting of a Booklet and CD. The target group stakeholders of the set are chiefly employers who employ persons with Down syndrome, but the set will also be of interest to educators, teachers, trainers, and job coaches, as well as persons with Down syndrome and their advocates.

The Educational set provides the following information on Down syndrome:

  • How we can increase the efficiency of adults with Down syndrome in the workplace.
  • What kind of measures should an employer take.
  • What kind of motivation do the other employees need to build good relationships with
  • employees with Down syndrome?
  • What are the special needs of people with Down syndrome in the workplace?
  • Example Success stories of persons with Down syndrome in the workplace.
  • An outline of the employment, financial and social benefits to the company.
  • Employer testmonials on the employment of persons with Down syndrome.